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Conducted courses

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The employees of the department conduct lectures, laboratories, projects and exercises in the following subjects:

Mechatronics (in Polish)

  • IT
  • Programming languages
  • Technical mechanics I
  • Technical mechanics II
  • Mechatronics
  • Microautomatics
  • Modelling and simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
  • Modelling and simulation of mechatronic systems
  • Fundamentals of automation and control theory
  • Basics of biomechatronics
  • Measurements and control in mechanics
  • Competency project
  • Robots
  • Diploma seminar
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Vision Systems
  • Information Technology I
  • Information Technology II

Automatomation and Robotics (in Polish)

  • Automation and control
  • Sensors and measurement cards
  • Mechatronics Control Laboratory
  • Laboratory of logic and digital circuits
  • Mobile Device Software
  • Optimizing systems
  • Programming microcontrollers
  • Programming microcontrollers in English
  • Signals and dynamic systems

Mechatronic Engineering (specialization in Polish)

  • Team project
  • Research and engineering methods
  • Application project
  • Laboratory in specialization
  • Research project in specialization
  • Specialized competency project
  • Optimization problems in intelligent mechatronics

Automation and Control of Robots (in Polish)

  • Experimentarium of mechanics
  • Mechatronics Control Laboratory
  • Microautomatics
  • Mechatronics measurement techniques


  • Mathematical Methods in Life Sciences and Engineering I
  • Mathematical Methods in Life Sciences and Engineering II

Mechanical Engineering (in Polish)

  • Generators and computing modules
  • Basics of automation and mechatronics
  • Advanced Mechanics

Material Engineering

  • Biomechanics I

Mechanical Engineering

  • Biomechanics II
  • Mathematical Modeling I
  • Mathematical Modeling II

Transport (in Polish)

  • Technical mechanics I
  • Technical mechanics II

Biomedical Engineering (in Polish)

  • Biomedical engineering project
  • Biomechanical engineering

Biomedical Engineering and Technologies

  • Biomechanical Engineering

Future Mobility

  • Laboratory of Mechatronics I

Master in Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Design Project